The Dry Aged Whisky Collection


From 13 November





The Boatshed

Introducing The Dry Aged Whisky Collection

The QHA award-winning restaurant, The Boatshed, is once again launching an exciting culinary innovation! A project initiated by Regatta Hotel’s Executive Chef, Simon Street, involved selecting the finest cuts of beef, and infusing it with 2 distinctly different whiskies, while dry-aging the beef for 50 days.

The Thousand Guineas Shorthorn 150 day grain fed beef was selected and placed in whisky-seeped muslin cloths, then spritzed and injected with the whiskies on a weekly basis under the watchful eye of our Executive Chef. This lengthy process enables maximum flavour extraction from the whiskies.

The chef will be launching this collection with an outstanding menu, exclusive to Boatshed diners from the 13th of November, to showcase the beef which has drawn incredible flavours from the whiskies.

This special menu will be available to guests for a limited time only while stock lasts.

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